Tuesday, December 11, 2012

People To Hang Out With: That's my Dawg!!

Beautiful smiling Amelia
This week I found out two sad pieces of news.  One that a little friend of mine Piper, long time animal companion of my girl Crystal passed away recently and two, that another friend Amelia, long time animal companion of friend AJ is not well.  During my past few months of travel, with regular interactions with Latin American dogs both stray and cared for, my motto on human relations became "I only trust children and dogs".  When I can afford the opportunity and time I love to hang out with a dog.  They like to get dirty, they like to lie down, and they are always up for a hug.  Spending a day with a dog will inevitably lead to spending a day doing things I like to do but perhaps can't get away with being a human (I do want to know what is in that hole! I do want to run for no apparent reason!)  and the one thing I can get away with-laughing.  To me dogs always look like they are smiling and it makes me happy. Who doesn't want to hang out with someone who always has a smile on their face?

For my favorite dawgs who have gone: Salsa, Grendel and Piper.  

Hang Out Song Break #7

For the style, the hair, the dancing, the striking of poses and the piling up into a small public transportation mini van.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Respond and Rebuild

Had a chance to hang out with the lovelies who bottom line this, as well as some other folks from all over lending a hand and residents of Far Rockaway. LOTS of work still to be done, go for a day at least if you get the chance. http://www.respondandrebuild.org/