Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Queen of Hanging Out

Up at Stinson Beach, eating a small KFC dinner with J. Hessig under a brilliant new moon eat-it-all was birthed.  Really it was on the drive back where I was complimented as being the queen of the hang out something like "you hang hard dude.  like I have never been able to see anybody hang as hard as you".  In the moment the compliment was hard to take, because we were driving on some janky ass California road winding left to right.  I was doing my best not to see my KFC dinner again because as much of a solid bitch as I may appear to be, alas my stomach is not.  Her constitution is much weaker than mine and she easily gives in to the slightest motion, making me also the queen of vomiting in addition to the queen of hanging out.  While trying not to vomit, I was also trying to pretend that I wasn't terrified that we would plummet off the next proximate cliff despite my cautious and experienced driver.  In addition I was also trying to pretend I didn't think that every car that passed us was a serial killer who was just hoping he would happen across two not so drunk punk girls, KFC full, out on a random country road to chill in the moon light. But those sharp cliffs were fucking stunning in that moonlight, for once the Bay sky was crystal clear and after a moment I had to concur with my hang out companion that I do indeed know how to hang out and why not feel inclined to share my expertise with the damn planet.    

Eat-It-All is in reference to the Keebler brand ice cream cones, which apparently has the phrase imprinted on its brim.  When my friend and I had arrived at Stinson Beach, we had parked out front of a diner where one of the Eat-It-All ice cream cone signs was prominently displayed.  In a stupor of travel weary exhaustion, cold, and hunger I looked up at this lovely sign and I thought to myself what a perfect motto for life in general, eat-it-all.  I just came across another blog that says the last remaining Eat-It-All ice cream cone sign in New York City exists in Mott Haven, Bronx.  Perhaps I will head out there sometime soon to pay homage.

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  1. Let's plan a Bronxploration hang out that includes an ice cream pit stop! Perhaps we can go on a bicycle tour of that borough. It's the one of five i know least about, except for staten island (part of jersey on my atlas). i haven't forgotten that i owe you a home cooked meal at my queens pad. i've had three friends staying over since the super bowl and i been quite busy juggling the hosting role with apple life in general.