Friday, March 23, 2012

Nomadic Bug

Just a brief nod to my obsession ( and everyone else's?) with nomadic culture.  I mentioned it briefly in the last post.  It is when I am still that life seems unreliable. I feel like I am spinning and am waiting for an arm to reach out and grab me. It is in a "nomadic" life things seem more basic ("nomadic" because let's be real, my life while fluid does not entail the genius of an entire mobile self sustaining community) . Your goals for the day are much simpler, figuring how to get from point A to point B, finding something to eat, and eventually finding somewhere to sleep.  In between all of that life kind of just happens more organically.  Not that there are never any worries or problems-once I downed several Advil and went to sleep shivering from a feverish flu while sleeping behind a gas station with my travel partner.  And there is the occasional run in with folks who don't really want you around be they cops or just regular townspeople ("We don't want your kind around here"-mid Montana) or the occasional argument with your travel partner over misreading a map (mid-Washington state). Either way a friend last night reminded me, while she helped me logistically map out future travel plans, how lucky I am ideas like this can even whirl around in my head and then actually come true.  I hope to make it to the above nomadic place at some point, land of the blue sky. 

This upcoming week... Florida Not Wedding part 2, house guests, and a lovely spring New York run around hang out with my buddy Dawn Frasch. 

Life side note: Boss approves of my departure from New York in the fall and also of my return in the Winter. A token of love, when a person accepts you as is and always welcomes you in their life. OR ask and you shall receive.

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