Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hang Out Type: Cultural-Art

Recently (yesterday) when I stopped to assess how I was spending my time once again, I realized that on a fairly regular basis my time consists of looking at art.  With art sometimes I am pleasantly surprised, sometimes deeply inspired and sometimes muttering under my breath "fer crissakes" because I am in the midst of some boring art in a room full of janky people.  Focusing on the positive, just wanted to share some of the visual art I have come across in the last few months that I have really liked.

Watts Towers constructed by Simon Rodia. Los Angeles, December 2011.

My LA Crew: Alee, Mikey, Some guy, Wadala

The Ungovernables (group show).  New Museum. New York City.  April 2012. Really enjoyed most of the exhibit but my favorite piece by far was the film "Jewel"  by Hassan Kahn. I could have watched it at least five more times and am regretting that I didn't. Might go back.  I finally found a decent recording of it on the interweb and wanted to share it.

4000 Disparos/4000 Shots. Jonathas de Andrade.

Dias en que todo es verdad (a small portion of the installation). Mariana Telleria.

Paintings by Lynette Yiadom Boakye. 2011

  Essential Hues (group show) at Wayfarers Gallery. Bed-Stuy, NYC.  April 2012.

Altar of painted shells by Anna Luisa

Art work by Caitlan Rose Sweet. Loved it!

Altar and art work by Caroline Paquita
Poster art by Mother Popcorn
Poster art by Caroline Paquita.
Art work by Adee Roberson

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